samedi 30 août 2008

Triptych - By Poid Mahovlich - présentation

Princeton North :: Triptych :: 3 Parts
By Poid Mahovlich

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:: Portal ::

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:: (Part 2) Binary ::


Inspired by Snow Crash - Neal Stephenson
Chapter 8 - Black Sun Passport - Stepping Through the Stargate

"... in the entire world there are only a couple of thousand people who can step over the line into The Black Sun.''

Hacker mentality, beauty and essence, to crash your mind ?

Scripting aided by Talia Tokugawa

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:: Part 1) Gossip Death of ab Avatar ::

I have been working on this since the end of Jan begining of Feb 2008 so yes lets just nip that right in the bud right here & now. I don't have much free time so it took me a while to get it together ....

This is decicated to my friend who left SL due to --------->

Narrow mindedness
Double Standards
Endless personal questions

If you think this applies to you - then it probably does

Menu driven- Touch the spiral Torus
Point the finger
Voices are mine

I would like to celebrate this journey of creativity; self discovery and the pure joy of creating.

Some scripts are freebies from SLX thanx - unless marked in notecarded or the actual object ty , I adapted and edited what I needed in the scripts but they were the seed that sparked my thinking. Thanx to BETLOG Hax, Sasun Steinbeck and to the object creators who inspire me.
A huge ty to Heather Goodliffe who on opening night sorted out all the bugs live in the scripts for the pointers and the menu. Kudos to ya :)

Insecure Artists Drama Disclaimer
I would like to attribute & credit every single avatar that ever joined LL & SL and ther alts to the creation of this artwork. In fact just to be on the safe side all the entire human race and ok lets go for it .... and beyond it .... infact ok ... all life in the universe known & as yet unknown - ty one & all

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:: (Part 3) Elit-sim ::

Elitism - The belief that certain persons or members of certain classes or groups deserve favored treatment by virtue of their perceived superiority, as in intellect, social status, or financial resources.

There is NO room for elitism in art in any world.

Scripting Aided by Talia Tokugawa

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