mardi 29 janvier 2008

Contre ma joue ...

"Contre ma joue" ... la prochaine écoute. Inédit. A découvrir ...
Une Trans-Collab entre le Centre d'Art et d'Essais Transdiscipliniaires et SonicEspaces

Jeudi 31 Janvier 2008 à 22h heure de paris

TOURNICOTON Art Gallery, Kuai hele (158, 202, 339)
Jeudi 31 janvier 2008, rendez vous à 22h sur la plateforme buildée par Frao RA dans le ciel de Tournicoton, pour une écoute de CONTRE MA JOUE, une composition de Wildo HOMANN / Christine WEBSTER sur des textes écrits et dits par Mariaka NISHI / Anne ASTIER
L'écoute dure 17 minutes

On thursday 31, 2008, at 22h, 1PM, on the place built by Frao RA, come and listen AGAINST MY CHEEK, a Wildo HOFMANN / Christine WEBSTER 's composition, with texts written and said by Mariaka NISHI / Anne ASTIER
The listening lasts 17 minutes

Anne Astier
Centre d'Art et d'Essais Transdiscipliniaires

voici, pour donner un avant goût, une photo prise hier soir ... c'est la strucuture de Frao Ra dans laquelle nous pourrons entendre ce soir "Contre ma joue ... "
ça va être très beau ...

Orange Music Days

Musical Performance in Virtual Environments

Orange Island
A l'occasion du salon du MIDEM de Cannes s'est tenu hier soir une rencontre entre artistes et résidents dans le cadre de la journée Music Day Orange.
Le thème abordé était le suivant : La performance musicale dans un environnement virtuel.
Moderateur Yesterday Demain, créateur également du projet "the Cliff" qui se propose d'offrir aux artistes emergeants sur SL une scène dédiée avec un principe de toolkit... à suivre démarrage prévu en Février !
Invités au débat : Grace McDunnough, Slim Warrior, Wildo Hofmann et Alban Martin (SL: Nabla Clementine) auteur de deux ouvrages sur la musique dans l'ère digitale.
Donc "Girl Powa" hier soir puisque nous étions 3 compositrices sur 4 invités ! Ce qui est toujours agréable !

Vous allez trouver pas mal d'infos sur les invités en allant sur le site orange-island

La retranscritption est en anglais.

[9:35] Yesterday Demain: Well first, we wish to thank you all for coming today on Orange Island
[9:36] Yesterday Demain: On the occasion of the MIDEM fair, we’re celebrating Music Day on Orange Island today... live from Cannes...
[9:36] Yesterday Demain: We’re here today to discuss live music performance in virtual environments with some of Second Life’s most talented and experienced musicians, as well as someone who’s not a musician, but who’s been advocating alternative solutions for musicians.
[9:36] Yesterday Demain: So let me introduce our panelists...
[9:37] Yesterday Demain: On my left side, Wildo Hofmann
[9:37] You: hello
[9:37] Nick Rhodes: hello :)
[9:37] Yesterday Demain: Wildo is a French composer / sound designer and editor, with an extensive work record in the entertainment industry (games, television, movies). In Second Life, Wildo hosts the SonicEspaces group, dedicated to immersive musical performances and sound experiments, and has recently been involved in various machinima. Wildo also writes for Keyboard Magazine and blogs about music and the metaverse.
[9:38] Yesterday Demain: Next is Grace McDunnough...
[9:38] Grace McDunnough waves
[9:38] Yesterday Demain: Grace McDunnough is an independent singer/songwriter from Atlanta, GA. Grace began performing live music in the virtual world of Second Life in 2006 where she still performs regularly. Grace is also the creator and host of Musimmersion, a unique, immersive musical and visual live performance within Second Life.
[9:38] Yesterday Demain: For those who haven't attended one of her shows, well... you HAVE to :))
[9:39] Yesterday Demain: Next isSlim Warrior... whose tunes were playing earlier on our stream
[9:39] Slim Warrior: Hi everyone :)
[9:40] Yesterday Demain: Slim is a singer/songwriter from London UK: A varied mix of music has influenced the songs she writes with a strong influence coming from Jazz. Currently working on album with producer Steve Williams (Chapel Studios) who has worked with Seal, Eric Clapton, Sting, Vangelis and many more. SlimGirlFat performs LIVE in Second Life where her avatar name is Slim Warrior.
[9:40] Yesterday Demain: Slim will be performing later today on Orange Island... at 1:30 pm SLT to be accurate :)
[9:41] Yesterday Demain: and to the far right of this wonderful table is Nabla Clementine, aka Alban Martin in RL
[9:41] Nabla Clementine: hello
[9:41] Yesterday Demain: Nabla / Alban is the Author of the books "The Entertainment Industry is Cracked, Here is the Patch!", and "l'Âge de Peer", about the co-creation of value between the consumers, and the movie/music/video games industry. A specialist of the digital revolution, Alban also blogs about Facebook, at
[9:42] Delinda Dyrssen: /<[9:42] Yesterday Demain: Alban and Wildo are in Paris, Grace in Atlanta, Slimmie in London, and I'll be moderating from Cannes, if all technical aspects go smoothly :)
[9:43] Yesterday Demain: We’re here today to discuss live music performance in virtual environments with some of Second Life’s most talented and experienced musicians, as well as someone who’s not a musician, but who’s been advocating alternative solutions for musicians.
[9:43] Yesterday Demain: So, let's get this thing started :)
[9:43] Yesterday Demain: First, I’d like to ask each of our speakers to tell us a little more about their musical activity in Second Life…
[9:43] Kevin Paisley claps.
[9:43] Yesterday Demain: Wildo...
[9:43] You: ok
[9:43] You: so what i try do to
[9:44] You: is to comme to a new sense of perforing
[9:44] You: performing
[9:44] You: i mean everything on the meta changes the way we percieve globally the music
[9:45] You: it looks like in RL but in fact
[9:45] You: the immersive perception lead us to comme very far into the listening
[9:45] horacios Allen: hi delinda
[9:45] You: and i try to get the most of all these new informations
[9:46] You: in order to change and to improve my personnal way of composition
[9:46] Yesterday Demain: Wildo and Grace both use immersive setups...
[9:46] Trebor Luke is Online
[9:46] Yesterday Demain: Grace, tell us a little about Musimmersion
[9:46] Delinda Dyrssen: /waves at horacio
[9:47] Grace McDunnough: Sure ... I've wanted to do it ever since I discovered Second Life, that is use as much as I could - to be a story teller, really.
[9:48] Grace McDunnough: Musimmersion attempts to embrace the Second Life platform as much as possible - to combine the emotional response of audio and visual immersion.
[9:48] You decline Rasta Beach and Resort Club, Rasta Ventures (87, 114, 22) from A group member named Gretchen Capalini.
[9:48] Grace McDunnough: It's my attempt to have people "see" music from a new perspective - to hear a story, to set a memory.
[9:49] Yesterday Demain: Slim, what's your experience as a performer in Second Life?
[9:49] Jojamela Soon: hehe
[9:49] Jojamela Soon: hey Ed
[9:49] Slim Warrior: I came into Second Life just over 2 years ago. I joined with the intention of promoting my own music but also to showcase and promote other independent artists.
[9:49] Jojamela Soon: ao off
[9:49] Slim Warrior: I opened an island called Menorca which is dedicated to Music events, I run the Independant Musicians Group and more recently The SL Music Commmunity Forums, which provides a place for everyone interested in Music in SL to discuss and bring ideas on how we can improve using VR for music.
[9:50] Slim Warrior: As a performer I have tried to be as innovative as possible,
[9:50] Slim Warrior: by trying ideas and such as multijams Metajams etc
[9:50] Amy Ferguson: ao off
[9:50] Slim Warrior: and involving as many musicians as possible
[9:51] Yesterday Demain: Which brings us to a first question about the relationship to audiences.... Nabla, you don't perform as a musician, but you're keeping a close wath on virtual platforms to help musicians reach new audiences...
[9:51] Yesterday Demain: *watch*
[9:51] Nabla Clementine: exactly, I am more of an "observer"
[9:51] Nabla Clementine: and what I have observed is
[9:52] Nabla Clementine: that second life, or even myspace are playing the role of the old-school back side of record
[9:52] solidad Sugarbeet is Online
[9:52] Yesterday Demain: (if you have questions for the panelists, please IM them to Nick Rhodes)
[9:52] Nabla Clementine: by proposing a more concrete window into the artist universe
[9:52] Nabla Clementine: when you want to feel the universe of an artist, you turn to Sl or even myspace
[9:53] Nabla Clementine: because you have graphical elements
[9:53] Nabla Clementine: and it completely changed the way artist behave
[9:53] Nabla Clementine: because the first "contact" with the artist is not audio
[9:53] solidad Sugarbeet is Offline
[9:53] Nabla Clementine: it is visual
[9:53] Nabla Clementine: on myspace or SL, you see the avatar before hearing the music
[9:53] Yesterday Demain: So in virtual environments such as SL, most of the contact with the audience is handled by the artist himself, with a greater control...
[9:54] Nabla Clementine: well I hope so
[9:54] Nabla Clementine: it would means the relation is more direct
[9:54] Nabla Clementine: and more genuine
[9:54] Nabla Clementine: ...
[9:54] Dizzy Banjo hums "video killed the radiostar.." .. sorry
[9:55] Yesterday Demain: A question for all of you... what's your relationship to these audiences that come from a global planet ?
[9:55] Grace McDunnough tries not to laugh
[9:55] Trebor Luke is Offline
[9:55] Slim Warrior: hehe
[9:55] horacios Allen: My job in real life , is play music live in second life .. is very good for me, work of the music. The response of the public is very pleasant, it is very exciting. I have a big and cool experiencie in Sl.
[9:55] Yesterday Demain: Have you managed to build up a faithful audience using SL?
[9:55] Trebora Vidor gave you Invitation - Debat du Mardi 29 janvier 2008.
[9:55] Grace McDunnough: My audiences are largely the most important consideration in anything I do artistically. Even if it’s just building a set list, the audience and the environment does shape my art.
[9:56] The system is currently unable to process your request. The request timed out.
[9:56] Insufficient permissions to view notecard.
[9:56] Slim Warrior: I think most musicians are able to build up a worldwide fan base using SL
[9:56] Grace McDunnough: I would agree.
[9:56] You: well as far as i'm concerned my audience is comming from france and the spreads up a little to other countrys
[9:57] Yesterday Demain: Naturally, SL is not a "standalone" promotion outlet... what other platforms do you use to complement this experimental medium?
[9:57] Yesterday Demain: Including RL gigs :) ?
[9:57] You: Myspace last FM and facebook and blogging
[9:57] Kim Seifert: /ao off
[9:57] Grace McDunnough: Blogs, imeem, ... many forms of social media where you can interact and get feedback
[9:57] Nabla Clementine: But the difference with other types of plateform is that SL can be used 'artistically", to create something special
[9:58] Nabla Clementine: whereas the other are pure "promotion"
[9:58] Nabla Clementine: you are not going to include your myspace page into your show :)
[9:58] Slim Warrior: As a musician it is important to utilise traditional methods of promotion ie, myspace, and personal websites along with Sl to gain more recognition
[9:58] You: but SL is really the best thing i've got in touch to perform really my music
[9:58] Grace McDunnough: Most certainly - the immersiveness, openness, persistence and synchronicity of Second Life allows creative expression in multiple dimensions - not just space and time, but in human interaction.
[9:58] Slim Warrior: What Grace said
[9:58] horacios Allen: In my experience, musica latina, South America, I was surprised by the response from the public, I got a great group of fans
[9:58] Slim Warrior: ;)
[9:58] Grace McDunnough laughs
[9:59] Yesterday Demain: What are, according to you, the greatest opportunities and challenges facing the virtual musician?
[9:59] Nabla Clementine: you guys will have to perform more and more live
[9:59] Nabla Clementine: even in virtual environment
[10:00] Yesterday Demain: And, to push the question further, what would you hope to find in upcoming, improved VWs for musical expression and promotion?
[10:00] Slim Warrior: as far as SL is concerned ( and I do feel it is leading the industry in terms of global exposure for Independants) the limitations are more on the technical side
[10:00] Grace McDunnough: What do you mean, live .. most of us only perform live...
[10:00] Nabla Clementine: "dead" music seems to have its time no? (I quote david bowie)
[10:00] You: they are so many things possible ...
[10:01] You: the real nice thing here is that you can do what you want
[10:01] Yesterday Demain: *except for grid stability* :)
[10:01] Slim Warrior: instant feedback and interaction withteh audience takes Sl further than most other platforms ( for now)
[10:01] YannMinh McDowwll is Online
[10:02] You: and SL seems to be the moste creative meta
[10:02] Yesterday Demain: What about real-time collaboration with other musicians? How far can we be from that?
[10:02] You: if you take a look to others metas SL really rocks
[10:02] Slim Warrior: Real time coolabs are already happening
[10:02] Slim Warrior: oops Collabs
[10:03] horacios Allen: I think that the promotion of live events is not good. There are many users in secondlife, many never knew that there was live music.
[10:03] Grace McDunnough: Real time is still hindered by the lack of reasonably easy to use technology
[10:03] olivia Maximus: Script run-time error
[10:03] olivia Maximus: Math Error
[10:03] Grace McDunnough: The Virtual Live Band here in SL, does a very nice job with it
[10:03] Jean Munro: and as faster and more powerful servers are introduced it will cut down on the latency making for playing with you friends in far away lands that much esier
[10:03] Fyrm Fouroux: I have only recently started playing in SL although I play in rl quite a bit. My thoughts are turning to writing more specifically with SL performance in mind. The one hour gig provides a canvass to move way beyond the 3-5 minute song.
[10:03] Grace McDunnough: But ninjams is still moderately out of reach
[10:03] Slim Warrior: for the forseable future, Real time collabs will alsways have the element of delay
[10:04] horacios Allen: yes use NINJAM soft
[10:04] Slim Warrior: Ejamming too, even daisy chain is not truly satisfactory to perform real time with others
[10:04] horacios Allen: use metronome in realtime, solve problems.
[10:04] Yesterday Demain: We have a question from Delinda : There is a cost involved in hosting a venue for live musicans to perform that far outweight what is generaly brought in by venue tips. What are your ideas to keep the venues of Second Life open ?
[10:04] Grace McDunnough: That's to you Slim :P
[10:04] Yesterday Demain: lol
[10:04] You: welle i got my tip jar that's enough
[10:05] Yesterday Demain: Will we need music entrepreneurs?
[10:05] Slim Warrior: Heh, this is a conversation/discussion that has been talkled about for the last 18 months.
[10:05] Grace McDunnough: We definitely need to think creatively about the value propositions and possibilities, it is unsolved
[10:05] Slim Warrior: Creating awareness of Music in Sl is probably the biggest hurdle to satrt with
[10:05] Barnabey Sideways shouts: AND HIGHER THE PRICES
[10:05] Slim Warrior: *start
[10:05] Barnabey Sideways: DID ANYONE THINK ABOUT THAT ?
[10:06] Yesterday Demain: Nabla, would you say there's a way to sustain music business in SL?
[10:06] Barnabey Sideways shouts: THE FUCKING PRICES ARE INCREDIBLY 500% TO LOW FOR ARTISTS IN SL !!!
[10:06] Nabla Clementine: I do not have the magic formula but
[10:06] Slim Warrior: and Barnabey, who shall pay us artists?
[10:06] Nabla Clementine: what is great is that their might be future opportunities in what you guys are doing
[10:06] Jean Munro: please don't yell, Barnabey
[10:06] Barnabey Sideways: slim, the event planners and rl brands
[10:06] Barnabey Sideways: obviously
[10:06] Slim Warrior: will you as a listener pay to hear musicians in SL?
[10:06] Barnabey Sideways: no, never ask for the people to pay
[10:06] Barnabey Sideways: this is against the artistic ethic
[10:07] Yesterday Demain: Dizzy has a question that's related : There is talk of a seachange in arts / performing arts in SL regarding payment. Some recent events have been ticketed etc. How would you feel about charging for entry to gigs ?
[10:07] You: SL can help you to make your bizness but it's far more interesting tha only business is a real place to experiment your thnigs
[10:07] Barnabey Sideways: but the people who get publicity oout of an even
[10:07] Nabla Clementine: just for instance because you can adress a broader audience with live gigs and virtual gigs
[10:07] Barnabey Sideways: * event
[10:07] Slim Warrior: and where will the venues get the money from?
[10:07] Barnabey Sideways: gee
[10:07] Yesterday Demain: oops
[10:07] Barnabey Sideways: people who get publicity out of an event
[10:07] Barnabey Sideways: they shoudl be
[10:07] Slim Warrior: and why do you feel you should listen for free?
[10:07] Barnabey Sideways: the ones paying
[10:07] Barnabey Sideways: :)
[10:07] Dizzy Banjo: is this a panel or audience participation chat ? lol
[10:07] Yesterday Demain: Dizzy has a question that's related : There is talk of a seachange in arts / performing arts in SL regarding payment. Some recent events have been ticketed etc. How would you feel about charging for entry to gigs ?
[10:07] Alanagh Recreant: hmmm
[10:08] Barnabey Sideways: because there is no reason to make your ears have to pay for artistic pleasure
[10:08] Barnabey Sideways: :)
[10:08] Grace McDunnough: The challenge of sponsorships, is that corporate promoters typically look at NUMBERs.. which, in my mind draws away from the intimacy of the human interaction
[10:08] Nabla Clementine: Live performance is definetely valuable, compared to the trend in decreasing prices for MP3 for instance
[10:08] Slim Warrior: absolutley
[10:08] Nabla Clementine: but then, you can imagine different rewards
[10:08] Nabla Clementine: all do not need to be sound money
[10:08] Barnabey Sideways: just make the big guys pay the artists a good amount so they continue to give high quality shows, and you will get your money mister big corporation people
[10:09] Barnabey Sideways: don't worry
[10:09] Alanagh Recreant: / take a seat Barnabey :) they are soft... one can relax nicely
[10:09] Nick Rhodes: thank you Barnabey have a seat now :) and let the panel answer :)
[10:09] Nabla Clementine: rather cooperation, or help in promotion
[10:09] Serene Bechir: money is involved because none of this is really free.... tier fees must be paid , stream cost money... thre are no free rides in all of the world ... even real world radio is not really free to listen to .. you have to put up with the commercial
[10:09] Slim Warrior: Grace is correct, A typical company will look at returns
[10:09] horacios Allen: There are only 5000 users secondlife united with the music groups, I think it is very little.
[10:09] Barnabey Sideways: yes
[10:10] Slim Warrior: if they invest in Sl by placing their brand/mark/product in here
[10:10] You: yes but we are not all here like a typical company
[10:10] Barnabey Sideways: but if we don't do something, if we artists continue to play for ridiculous prices, one day when this game becomes the matrix, we will be totally screwed for good :)
[10:10] Barnabey Sideways: we have to maintin
[10:10] Barnabey Sideways: the prices
[10:10] Barnabey Sideways: now
[10:10] Slim Warrior: then they will look closely. if they do not see a significant return, ( as far as music is concerned) why would they look to pay large amounts of money
[10:10] Barnabey Sideways: no dj playing for less than 100$/ hour
[10:10] Grace McDunnough: Which is why RL models won'y necessarily work - the solution has to be consistent with the social and cultural norms
[10:10] Barnabey Sideways: not stupid 500 linden for 2 hours
[10:10] Barnabey Sideways: never
[10:11] Dizzy Banjo: Barnabey this is a panel discussion not an open IM rant :D
[10:11] Barnabey Sideways: lol dizzy
[10:11] Barnabey Sideways: ok
[10:11] Barnabey Sideways: gee
[10:11] Slim Warrior: The majority of places that host Live music in Sl are run by single individuals, not companies
[10:11] Yesterday Demain: Well if you think of SL as "the web in 1994", then there's probably still a lot to be done in terms of tools & solutions for musicians and other artists...
[10:11] TokY Raymaker: Good evening all^^
[10:11] Solylence Houston: hi Toky
[10:11] TokY Raymaker: ^^
[10:11] Nabla Clementine: At least there is a trend toward real time broadcast that is happening
[10:11] Slim Warrior: Most of us wil agree that there shold be far more awareness of Live music in Sl and other VRs too. it is How we do that .. that is the true question
[10:12] You: personnaly i run a micro society business model
[10:12] Grace McDunnough: Indeed, there is much to be done - as Slim said.
[10:12] Nabla Clementine: more and more gigs in Paris are equiped with real time broadcast possibilities
[10:12] Barnabey Sideways: gee
[10:12] Barnabey Sideways: ok i shut up
[10:12] Barnabey Sideways: but
[10:12] Barnabey Sideways: don't forget
[10:12] Barnabey Sideways: :)
[10:12] Yesterday Demain: There are other virtual worlds out there, some with a focus on music... and business models.... Have any of you tried other music-oriented VWs?
[10:12] Fab Outlander: ok that s it
[10:13] Serene Bechir: no do you have a list of them? do you want us to all go check them out right now?

[10:13] Slim Warrior: I havert personally tried other VRs but I have looked at them
[10:13] Grace McDunnough: The ones I have tried are primarily promoting big name artists
[10:13] Slim Warrior: *havent
[10:13] Slim Warrior: Active worlds, and several others
[10:14] Grace McDunnough: Second Life still has an edge with respect to live streaming
[10:14] Yesterday Demain: We've all witnessed that "social" tools are extremely important to artist awareness (not me saying that, David Byrne has a great piece in january's Wired on the subject)
[10:14] Slim Warrior: and yes the draw woudl be a Big name artist. the beauty of Sl is that it has a diverse range of musicians at many levels, from Pro to amateur..
[10:14] horacios Allen: Barnabey, Many dj only select list of music and reproduced, have no effect or play live. I want to see as DJ Tiesto
[10:14] Dizzy Banjo: this like vSide are interesting in that they attempt to address "music" world directly.. however they are highly controlled in terms of what content they promote.. ( sorry to interrupt )
[10:15] Grace McDunnough: Indeed Dizz
[10:15] Slim Warrior: yes Dizzy
[10:16] Yesterday Demain: Nabla, how would you expect these new channels to evolve, with a mix of independent and "signed' artists?
[10:16] Nabla Clementine: Well I think you guys are far ahead from what people are accustomed to when thinking about music
[10:17] Nabla Clementine: that means you propose a complete new experience
[10:17] Nabla Clementine: (remember these painters who are ahead of everybody, "niche")
[10:17] Nabla Clementine: but
[10:17] Nabla Clementine: they are signs that
[10:17] Nabla Clementine: proove things are evolving
[10:18] Grace McDunnough: (those painters are ..usually dead when people realize how great they were)
[10:18] Nabla Clementine: dropping value of "dead" music
[10:18] Alanagh Recreant smiles
[10:18] Nabla Clementine: more and more place with broadcast possibilities
[10:18] Nabla Clementine: international audience for songs
[10:18] Slim Warrior: yes
[10:18] Nabla Clementine: thanks to worldwide plateform
[10:18] Nabla Clementine: for sure
[10:19] Nabla Clementine: so we are going in this direction
[10:19] Nabla Clementine: ...
[10:19] Grace McDunnough: The global audience is truly special
[10:19] Nabla Clementine: but then, you had a special dimension
[10:19] Nabla Clementine: by using Second Life as a creative tools
[10:19] Nabla Clementine: but in order to "admire" your work
[10:19] Nabla Clementine: man, it is not that simple
[10:20] Nabla Clementine: maybe their should be a way to bridge the gap
[10:20] Yesterday Demain: Is there a way to give "virtual performance" some value, and have artists live from their hard-worked performances?
[10:20] Nabla Clementine: well depends on the emotion you generate
[10:20] Nabla Clementine: radiohead generate emotion with MP3 and people gave them money
[10:21] You: the virtual value has to be apart of the other values
[10:21] Yesterday Demain: If we think of VWs as "interactive TV" with people inside... for instance...
[10:21] Nabla Clementine: because they are deeply in their universe
[10:21] You: a part sorry
[10:21] Nabla Clementine: If you think of Second life not as your only stage
[10:21] Grace McDunnough: I think you can leverage the emotional response and monetize via other outlets as well ...
[10:22] horacios Allen: I think it's good to support the artists who have their own compositions, many artists also covers only play songs
[10:22] You: i agree with grace and slim
[10:22] Slim Warrior: Everyone may have different ideas on 'value', and I do think that Indie artists in here work very hard to maintian a presence using Sl but Also use other forms of promtiong themselves, . RL gigs, websites etc
[10:22] Nabla Clementine: if you think as one stage out of many (webcam... RL gig)...then let people decide on what stage they are the most confident
[10:22] Yesterday Demain: We have another question from Dizzy: Nabla's earlier and very interesting point about the "back of the record" world which artists now create using SL.. do you think that being a "musician" in the metaverse.. now requires you to not only be a performer, and music producer, but also a visual artist manupilating the environment just as much with the SL building / scripting tools as you do with the music ? Is it a concern that this diversification may lead to less speciality and lower skills ? ( sometimes it is a concern for me ) or is it an evolution of music to "somewhere else" ?
[10:22] Slim Warrior: and of course there are smope of us who want to be famous... lol
[10:23] Slim Warrior: *some
[10:23] Nabla Clementine: man, that was a long question
[10:23] Slim Warrior: lol
[10:23] Dizzy Banjo: sorry .. lol
[10:23] Grace McDunnough: I think it's a rich and fascinating evolution Dizz .. but you knew that :-)
[10:23] Yesterday Demain: :))
[10:23] Nabla Clementine: it seems that it requires new skills for artists
[10:24] Nabla Clementine: I would not say technical ones because you can always find somebody to help
[10:24] Grace McDunnough: It certainly requires the ability to collaborate
[10:24] You: personnally i'm not into these famous things stuff ;-)
[10:24] Slim Warrior: I would say that yes, one does have to be technically aware, as well as being a musician, plus your own promoter, and producer
[10:24] Nabla Clementine: but true, collaborative skills
[10:24] Nabla Clementine: look at the guys playing WoW
[10:24] Grace McDunnough: (and girlz)
[10:24] Yesterday Demain: Dizzy, I'd say the second part of your question points in the right direction... if this is rich media, we'll need to join forces
[10:24] Nabla Clementine: it is advanced skills compared to football:)
[10:25] Slim Warrior: id say Multitasker woudl be a good name
[10:25] Dizzy Banjo: yeah id agree :)
[10:25] You: couteau suisse
[10:25] Trebora Vidor is Offline
[10:25] Grace McDunnough: What Wildo said, I think ...
[10:25] Dizzy Banjo: its partially why SL is so far ahead.. because its entirely geared to that collaboration
[10:25] Yesterday Demain: We'll soon be launching a rehearsal studio / toolkit for musicians wishing to perform live in SL.
[10:25] Nabla Clementine: I would say artist have to be more "genuine" or more "complete"
[10:25] Yesterday Demain: It's called the Cliff, it'll be here on Orange Island
[10:25] Nabla Clementine: they cannot hide
[10:26] Nabla Clementine: behind something fake
[10:26] You: multi gifted
[10:26] Yesterday Demain: And it is a collaborative project...
[10:26] Slim Warrior: yes Nabla, I agree
[10:26] horacios Allen: You need to create a center of attention at musicians. For a musician can solve their problems and doubts
[10:26] Slim Warrior: That sounds great yesterday
[10:26] Slim Warrior: having something in here that canoffer for musicians
[10:26] Yesterday Demain: We wish to involve some of these fine key players who are sitting at this table :)
[10:27] Coulaut Menges is Offline
[10:27] Yesterday Demain: We hopr to kickstart this in February :)
[10:27] Yesterday Demain: *hope*
[10:27] Yesterday Demain: Gosh, time flies... we have time for one more question to our wonderful panelists... anyone ?
[10:28] Grace McDunnough: it's a fantastic proposition and a perfect example of how corporations can assist - in interesting ways
[10:28] Slim Warrior: yes indeed
[10:28] horacios Allen: I want to ask, you think that 2008 will be a better year for music in sl?
[10:29] Yesterday Demain: Okay, so let's open a quick promo channel before we end this discussion : what are your upcoming projects? Let's start with Wildo...
[10:29] You: oh
[10:30] You: collaborativ eperformance with adam ramona
[10:30] Slim Warrior: I think 2008 willbe a great year for music Horacio
[10:30] You: immersive concerts
[10:30] You: my netlabel
[10:30] You: voilà
[10:31] Yesterday Demain: Grace?
[10:31] Grace McDunnough: Oh, sorry
[10:31] Grace McDunnough: Musimmersion #2 is in development, and I am looking forward to working with the Orange team here at The Cliff :)
[10:31] Dizzy Banjo: woot !
[10:31] Yesterday Demain: Yay :)
[10:32] Nick Rhodes: sweet, so we are :D
[10:32] Grace McDunnough pokes Slim
[10:32] Yesterday Demain: Slim's plans : she's booked tonight :)
[10:32] Nick Rhodes: Slim we have a idea of your next performance ;P
[10:32] Grace McDunnough: LOL
[10:32] Dizzy Banjo: lol
[10:33] Slim Warrior: lol
[10:33] Slim Warrior: srry
[10:33] Nick Rhodes: yes all don't miss it !
[10:33] Slim Warrior: In a couple of weeks I wil be opening a Music information island which i hope will offer everyone a starting point to gather info and advice in SL, and yes Im looking forward to working with eth Orange team
[10:33] Grace McDunnough cheers
[10:33] Yesterday Demain: Slim is über-busy helping us out tonight, with the panel, our streaming from Cannes and a live performance... :))
[10:34] Yesterday Demain: Thanks for your enduring patience :)
[10:34] Slim Warrior: you are welcome :)
[10:34] You: thank you very much for this invitation
[10:34] Yesterday Demain: Alban / Nabla... I hear you're writing something pretty interesting too... :)
[10:34] Nabla Clementine: So i conclude with one last advice for 2008
[10:34] horacios Allen: ty yesterday, wildo slim grace and nabla
[10:34] Nick Rhodes: read books !*
[10:34] Nabla Clementine: :)
[10:34] Nabla Clementine: no
[10:34] horacios Allen: VIVA LA MUSICA !!!!
[10:35] Nick Rhodes: ;P
[10:35] Drolma Batz: I would like to know about experimental music projects occuring in SL
[10:35] Nabla Clementine: just that second life ranks among the most advanced music experience
[10:35] Slim Warrior: lol read Nablas books!
[10:35] Nabla Clementine: do not forget simple music experience
[10:35] Nabla Clementine: it helps to get people involved in your universe
[10:35] Nabla Clementine: at first:)
[10:35] Grace McDunnough: :)
[10:35] Yesterday Demain: You'll find more details about our speakers on our blog,
[10:35] You: it's a marvelous place for music SL
[10:35] Slim Warrior: :)
[10:35] Yesterday Demain: I wish to thank our great speakers and our very lively audience. Stayed tuned to Orange Island....
[10:35] Grace McDunnough: Thanks very much everyone
[10:35] Nabla Clementine: thanks
[10:36] Ozzy Wozniak: bravo !
[10:36] Nick Rhodes: /claps for all :D
[10:36] Kevin Paisley claps like a lunitic.
[10:36] Truelie Telling APPLAUDS!!!
[10:36] Amy Ferguson: APPLAUSE!!!!

vendredi 25 janvier 2008

Parsec Technology

Trouvé sur le blog de Wagner James. L'article est en anglais, Parsec est un projet open source qui se présente sous la forme d'un instrument musical immersif. Une sorte de théatre pour l'oreille et l'image ... Pas encore essayé personnellement. A suivre de près.

Dizzy vient de me donner toutes les infos en anglais, je traduis pas j'ai la flemme.
Le Parsec project est ouvert sur :
InterSection Unlimited Headquart, InterSection (200, 49, 431)

Il est recommandé d'y aller en groupe ...

-------------------- PARSEC --------------------

Concept, Music and Sound by Dizzy Banjo
Virtual Architecture by Eshi Otawara
Scripting by Chase Marellan

PARSEC is a vast immersive environmental "instrument" for 7 avatars that listens to your voice and allows you to control a musical composition together.

It uses the Second Life voice system in a new and unusual way to control both music and movement of objects.

There is also a puzzle locked within the musical composition. Play the piece correctly and the solution will be revealed... Will you be able to solve it ?

Parsec has been carefully calibrated to react to normal speech volumes - so there is no need to shout ! Parsec rewards a gentle intelligent and intense dialogue !

Instructions :

Parsec requires you use voice and is best enjoyed with a headset. If you dont have a headset please enable "push to talk" for the benefit of other users.

1. Apply the sound settings shown in the Parsec sound settings texture
2. Chose a black instrument ball - it will give you a folder - you may wish to remember its number...
3. Find your chosen Parsec Instrument folder in your inventory
4. Select all the gestures ( left click the top one, hold down shift and left click the bottom one )
5. Right click the selected gestures and choose "Activate"
6. Click the white teleport object
7. Enjoy playing Parsec

Adam Ramona expose à Info Island



Library Gallery, Info Island
January 25th - March 28, 2008

Please join us from 6-7p SLT on Friday, January 25th, at the Info Island Gallery for the opening of an exhibition by noted Australian artist, Adam Ramona (Adam Nash in RL).

Adam is well known in SL for his interactive and immersive audiovisual sculptures. Walk around and through them, jump up and down, float, go in and out of mouselook, and make sure your AUDIO IS ON (headphones work best).

From the artist...

If a sound was already playing when
we were born, played througout our
life, and continued playing after we
were gone, would we hear it?

Or would we hear it as silence?

All the sounds we hear are imperfect. For a sound to be perfect, it would have to have started before we were born and continue unabated through our life and after our death. But, according to R. Murray Schafer, such a sound "would be perceived by us as silence. That is why... all research into sound must conclude with silence. Not the silence of negative vacuum, but the positive silence of perfection and fulfilment."

But what of the virtual world? Is there silence in the virtual world? Is it all silence, with only sound objects (Pierre Schaeffer's objets sonore, "pieces of time torn from the cosmos") placed strategically, recontextualised to support the illusion that the virtual is an illusion of reality? Perhaps the real sound of the virtual environment is the hum, whir and click of the processors doing the calculations responsible for rendering the audiovisual virtua, the breathing of the users and their click clack of mouse and keyboard. Others can't hear it, but imagine how loud it is - 25,000 people all breathing, clicking and clacking at their humming, whirring computers.

Schaeffer's concept of 'reduced listening' ("hearing a sound as sound, rather than listening for its cause or meaning", as Toop relays Chion's explanation of the concept) is the only kind of listening possible in the virtual world. Sound is prior to context. The sound creates the context. That context may in the service of the illusion, or it may create a context without precedent in the physical world - especially interesting when the sound source is a digital sample of a real world sound, which is the only kind of sound that SL, and most virtual environments, allow.

For more information on the work of Adam Ramona / Adam Nash, please see:

A recent interview at Turbulence...

A list of projects at...

Visit "Ramonia" -- the Garden of Immersive Sound -- at Marni 220, 195, 22

Visit "17 Unsung Songs" -- at East of Odyssey 37, 89, 32

mercredi 23 janvier 2008

Chip an Hud ...

Life 2.0
envoyé par manukeo

Irrésistible petite vidéo ... je me posais la question suivante : à ce stade là, est ce que je ne débrancherai pas tout pour partir en courant ... ?
Je n'ai pas encore la réponse !

Trouvé chez l'excellent Mascottus !

lundi 14 janvier 2008

Ayanamsa Night le concert

above the Noomuseum
Travelling electronical longitudes

18 January 2008 at 1PM PST SL time

Powered By
And Luna Box Servers

Very Secial Guest ELISABETH VALLETTI-Hearmes Habilis
at 1PM PST SL time (22H) Paris Time
Discover this incredible Experimental electropop classical harpist !
First Time in Second Life
followed by

The Narcotic Chillout zone : Christine Webster - Wildo Hofmann
at 2PM PST SL timePM(23H)Paris Time
Sonic space travel trough experi-mental soundscapes

Ayanamsa Night takes place in Second Life at
Noogalerie-3, Aogashima (189, 89, 114)
above the Noomuseum
Land of YannMinh McDowwl and Marulaz Merlin

On peut aussi écouter sue le web à partir de l'adresse suivante
sans passer pas SL :

samedi 12 janvier 2008

Ayanamsa Night lancement ...

Ce soir nous avons lancé la vidéo qui tournera pendant 10 jours sur Fangzhang pour présenter le travail de composition D'Elisabeth Valletti/Hearmes Habilis. Elle sera toute la semaine l'invitée spéciale de SoniceEspaces. Le cycle se terminera Vendredi 18 Janvier avec un concert au Noomuseum en compagnie de Wildo Hofmann, "L'Ayanamsa Night" - Travelling electronical longitudes ...

On a profité de l'occasion pour lancer un petit apéro improvisé. Renan, Mariaka, Krisp, Sacre,
Willow, Ghost, Arte sont passés boire un verre et donner leurs premières impressions tout a fait positives...

Un grand merci à Krisp de Luna Box pour les coups de mains successifs ... Mariaka de Tournicoton pour le relai BàO... et Hearmes, bien sûr, pour tout son travail d'images et de sons ...

N'oubliez pas d'activer votre lecteur vidéo dans les prefs pour profiter de l'installation.
direct Slurl Fangzhang

QQ photos de la passerelle au dessus du Noomuseum ou se tiendra le concert ...

« Il y a en effet un chemin qui permet le retour de l’imagination à la réalité, et c’est l’art » Sigmund Freud

jeudi 10 janvier 2008


Une très belle série de documentaires de la BBC .
Le premier épisode est consacré entres autres à la réalitué virtuelle. On y parle d'objets devenant intelligents, du concept d'Ubiquitious Computing, de l'intelligence artificielle dans notre quotidien proche, de l'utilité des mondes virtuels comme outil pour créer le futur. Notre futur relationnel et en tant qu'être imaginant.
Un brève rencontre avec les robots modulaires, capables de prendres des formes adapté au terrain, ou encore avec Asimo tout a fait capable de prendre votre commande, vous trouver une table vide et vous souhaiter une bonne journée apresè avoir eu une conversation avec vous.
L'aspect le plus pertinent de ce documentaire est le rôle fondamental que joue notre capacité d'émotion en tant que facteur favorisant l'accès à l'intelligence et par la suite au développement de cette intelligence.
C'est encore le seul défaut des robots et des AI - la difficulté de pouvoir faire un choix intelligent en présence de choix de modèles complexes lié à l'émotionnel. Pattern recognition.
La fin du film parle de DBS - deep brain stimulation - des puces et de commandes informatiques qui stimulent certaines régions du cerveau ... un témoignage bluffant ...

J'ai envie de dire : la science fiction n'existe plus !

La série ici sur Google Vidéo

I once thought, as a child, that there must be an end to space. That when I looked above and saw the stars that beyond those stars there was a wall. Once you hit that wall you have come to the end of space.

I now realize, as an adult, that if there was a wall then that would mean there would have to be something on the other side of that wall. Thus, there was no end to space. There was no wall.

I watch this report and realize, as a child, that once again I am looking into space but realize this time that there will be no wall at the end of this space.

mercredi 9 janvier 2008

Autrans 2008 - rencontres des acteurs de l'internet


>> 10h30 : Les concepts Web 2.0 et usages
>> 11h30 : ExplorCamp d’Autrans pour découvrir les nouveaux services Web 2.0
>> 14h30 : Conférence d’introduction : Travail collaboratif et organisation hiérarchique ?
>> 18H30 : Usages des mondes immersifs


>> 9h30 : Qu’est ce qui est le plus important : l’animation ou les outils ?
>> 14h00 : ExplorCamp d’Autrans pour découvrir les nouveaux services Web 2.0
>> 15h30 : Pratiques collaboratives : Comprendre pourquoi ça marche, ou pas ?
>> 17h00 : Rencontre des réseaux en parallèle

  • CRéATIF : Rencontre des têtes de réseau
  • EPIDe : Création d’un réseau
  • GET : Projet Contrib 2
  • OTEN : Rencontre des départements

>> 18h30 : Lancement du guide CRéATIF

Retransmission en direct ici

mardi 8 janvier 2008

Androide ...

Aujourd'hui 8 janvier 2008 ... 46 années terrestres ... j'essaie le mode androide ... peut on dépasser la loi du genre sur Second Life ? ...

dimanche 6 janvier 2008

Radio activity - la vie rêvée sur le net 1 et 2

On se plaint toujours que les médias donnent une image affreuse, superficielle et peu instruite du vrai potentiel des univers meta persistants comme Second Life. L'émission "Surpris par la Nuit" de France Culture, diffusé le 18 et 19 décembre dernier, se propose ni plus ni moins de faire une sorte d'inventaire des différents états des lieux virtules. Ces deux volets radiophoniques sont signé Anita Castiel, avec Anna Szmuc à la réalisation et sont toujours diponibles à l'écoute dans les archives de l'émission.

C'est de loin ce que j'ai entendu de plus pertinent et de plus complet sur le sujet. On est loin de la buzz et de la hype.
Il y a là des invités qui développent une analyse fondamentale sur le sujet de la virtualité comme L'excellent Michel Maffesoli par exemple, autour de la prophétie poètique de Rimbaud, de son fameux "Je est un autre" qui se capillarise aujourd'hui de manière virale a travers les réseaux ... L'identification multiple comme expression de soi non shyzotique.

L'expérience du jeu, (du je) ou comment trouver sa liberté dans un espace de contrainte donné pour dépasser ou rejouer les mythes fondateurs, aller vers la catharsis. Le développement de nos capacités a trouver des solutions temporaires de liberté et non plus de souscrire à des utopies globales intangibles, les fameuses TAZ (j'avais écrit un article sur le sujet ici ) ...

La participation fondamentale de l'imaginaire dans la contruction du monde.
La problématique d'appartenance au monde par la seule dictature de l'image.
Notre rapport d'esclave consentant dans un monde et un web à l'hyper capitalistisme sémantique généralisé où tout est déjà virtuel depuis des lustres et ou se forme la plus-value du traçage de nos pensées (la societé du spectacle de Debord le décrit à merveille ainsi que la politique de notre actuel "Président") ....

Enfin bref, si vous avez un peu de temps à consacrer à ce sujet, cette émission vaut vraiment le détour, elle est incontournable.

samedi 5 janvier 2008

Concerts en perspective

Quelques prises de vues au dessus du Noosmuseum où va se dérouler le prochain concert organisé par SonicEspaces. Un soirée qui va croiser le monde de la Science Fiction et de l'Heroic Fantasy avec la musique experimentale d'Elisabeth Valletti et de Christine Webster. Le lieu s'y prête magnifiquement, avec cette immense réseau de passerelles suspendu hors du temps, conçu par Marulaz Merlin sur la sim de YannMinh McDowwl. Tous deux sont illustrateurs et bâtisseurs.
Date du concert 18 janvier vers 22H - heure de Paris.
Lieu : Noogalerie-3, Aogashima (189, 89, 114) Slurl

Un grand merci à YannMinh pour nous recevoir et partager ce lieu le temps d'une soirée.

le Noomuseum de la cyberculture de Yann Minh
le Noomuseum de YannMinh

Le site D'Elisabeth Valletti
Valletti sur myspace et l'article sur Wildorion

Christine Webster sur myspace