vendredi 25 janvier 2008

Parsec Technology

Trouvé sur le blog de Wagner James. L'article est en anglais, Parsec est un projet open source qui se présente sous la forme d'un instrument musical immersif. Une sorte de théatre pour l'oreille et l'image ... Pas encore essayé personnellement. A suivre de près.

Dizzy vient de me donner toutes les infos en anglais, je traduis pas j'ai la flemme.
Le Parsec project est ouvert sur :
InterSection Unlimited Headquart, InterSection (200, 49, 431)

Il est recommandé d'y aller en groupe ...

-------------------- PARSEC --------------------

Concept, Music and Sound by Dizzy Banjo
Virtual Architecture by Eshi Otawara
Scripting by Chase Marellan

PARSEC is a vast immersive environmental "instrument" for 7 avatars that listens to your voice and allows you to control a musical composition together.

It uses the Second Life voice system in a new and unusual way to control both music and movement of objects.

There is also a puzzle locked within the musical composition. Play the piece correctly and the solution will be revealed... Will you be able to solve it ?

Parsec has been carefully calibrated to react to normal speech volumes - so there is no need to shout ! Parsec rewards a gentle intelligent and intense dialogue !

Instructions :

Parsec requires you use voice and is best enjoyed with a headset. If you dont have a headset please enable "push to talk" for the benefit of other users.

1. Apply the sound settings shown in the Parsec sound settings texture
2. Chose a black instrument ball - it will give you a folder - you may wish to remember its number...
3. Find your chosen Parsec Instrument folder in your inventory
4. Select all the gestures ( left click the top one, hold down shift and left click the bottom one )
5. Right click the selected gestures and choose "Activate"
6. Click the white teleport object
7. Enjoy playing Parsec

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