dimanche 12 octobre 2008

Talking Nosense Over Mixed Realitys - english version

Talking Nosense Over Mixed Realitys - english version

Wildo Hofmann mixing over Adam Ramona

16 october 10pm East of Odyssey
31 October 7pm East of Odyssey - from the Reality festival in Paris

In this purpose i will perform over Adam's installations a real time mixing and improvisation in conjunction with the moving of the avatars.
This will merge different kind of layers of realitys together.
Avatars will be equal in power of inter-activity as the composer and the installation.

I've choosen three installations from Adam's "Seventeen unsung songs " project.

#9 Corona
#11 The space beteween
#16 Blue sound ground


Reality /1
mixing over Corona

With Corona, wich is a subbtle sonic install, the avatar is playing with pure noise, moving up and down and rotating, experiencing trough moving constant and renewed doppler effect.
Meanwhile i will play a modified audio stream comming from the German polar station Palaoa. This layer of sonic and compositionnal reality will be merged together with the avatar's one ...

Reality /2
mixing over The space beteween

In this case i will improvise with 8 layers of sounds over Adam's install - one more time the moving and the number of avatars moving through will affect the sounds and my improvisation ...
Avatar can also decide to mix the sound and the music level in his sound panel.

Reality /3
mixing over Blue sound ground

This case i invite the avatar to play a real cacophony together - let us make maximum noise - then try to be more in a question-response play together .
well ... ;-)


The three realitys go the same way round :
1) avatars will each time first explore the install
2) then go out of the install
3) i begin to play the avatars are jumping in
4) ...

Each reality will take more or less around 10' - 15'


Adam is nominated to the Queensland’s National New Media Art Award
wich will take place the 31 October ...
So i cross my fingers we will pop up champagne on SL all together !!!

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